Hi, I’m J.R. Riggins, a Candidate for House District 59

On paper, Wyoming is the “Reddest” state in the union. Our current legislature is composed of 86 Republicans to just 7 Democrats. In the Wyoming House, only five elected Democrats oppose a chamber filled with 57 Republicans. Among those Republicans in the House, I’ll wager that 99% of them campaign as “Conservative.”

That being the case, shouldn’t republican principles be consistently applied in governing Wyoming? If candidates are genuinely conservative, explain why they struggle to implement conservative policies like:

  • Sensible property tax reform for all.
  • Rational policies protecting children.
  • Challenging federal oversight bent on destroying our core industries.
  • Fierce defense of your constitutional rights from abuse by a bureaucratic state.

A core principle of conservatism is “Limited Government.” This year, we watched our “conservative” legislature vote for the largest budget in Wyoming history. Government has become Wyoming’s #1 industry.

Conservative principles include liberty, the rule of law, preserving an established moral order, and belief in God. Conservatism requires discipline; otherwise, we devolve into liberalism and, inevitably, tyranny.




No-Nonsense Leadership on:

Energy – Until an existing industry or some new un-subsidized enterprise demonstrates the economic clout to supplant our energy industry, we should minimize new regulatory actions levied against it and encourage the development of new markets.

Inalienable Rights—Ordinary Americans are under constant surveillance by the state, and it is hard to tell if they care. Nevertheless, every elected representative must fight to preserve citizens’ liberty by defending their Constitutional rights. Otherwise, the unholy alliance between global corporatists and governing bodies will jackhammer this country’s foundations to dust.

EducationIn the 2023 General Session, too many Republicans partnered with Democrats to obstruct a bill limiting school-sanctioned sexual indoctrination for Kindergarten through third grade. It appears that some Wyoming Republicans have a dim view of letting 7-year-olds decide what they can have for lunch but don’t object to letting Tik-Tokers brainwash them on basic biology.

Property Taxes – Wyoming’s Governor and Legislature have been working overtime to find every excuse to keep from reforming our property tax formula. All rational efforts by legislators responding to frustrated constituents get dragged through a maze of obstacles by those legislators who have but one constituent – the bureaucratic state.

Ist and 2nd Amendments – We’ve seen unprecedented abuses of the First Amendment since 2020. COVID-19 demonstrated how easily citizens would surrender the right to assembly, religious practices, and speech. Various states criminalized 1st Amendment rights across the nation. Wyoming was a wrong Supreme Court decision away from joining the abusers. The nationwide abuse of the Bill of Rights clearly emphasizes the importance of our 2nd Amendment being the guarantor of the others.

What can we do?

  • Conserve those things that history has proven to be good, true, and beautiful.
  • Help Wyoming live up to its “Red State” status.
  • Shrink the government’s role in our everyday life.
  • Dispel the myth that we can have an amoral society and still expect a moral economy.
  • Remind legislators that their first obligation is to preserve and protect our liberty.
  • Let Wyoming communities that live near, work on, and recreate on federal lands have a direct say in how federal lands are managed.
  • Stop the re-writing of history.
  • Reveal that we cannot have an unlimited amount of multiculturalism and still maintain a national identity.
  • Minimize the bureaucratic state’s ability to bypass our legislative process to impose its collective will on you.
  • Encourage judges to enforce existing laws as they were adopted by the people who drafted them, not amend them as they see fit.
  • Demonstrate that progressives are the true science deniers.
  • Stop the substitution of absolute truth for relative truth.
  • Reinforce that destroying our energy sector will result in a dramatic decline in Wyoming’s prosperity.
  • Halt the growth of nationalized health care. Government cradle-to-grave health care will determine what I do, where I live and drive, my hobbies, what medical treatment I’m eligible for, and every other aspect of my life and yours.